Freelance Services



I have been professionally editing journal articles, fellowship applications, proposals, dissertations, and theses for eight years. I generally charge by the hour, which for most people turns out to be a better deal than a per word fee. Depending on the condition of the manuscript, I edit 1000-2000 words per hour. Special rates apply for assistance with short documents, such as resumes, cover letters, and marketing content. Contact me to discuss your manuscript in more detail and to receive an estimate.

A copyedit corrects the following:

  • spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, and word usage
  • overall clarity and sense on behalf of the prospective audience
  • references, art, figures, tables, equations, and other features for consistency with their mentions in the text

A developmental edit includes any of the following:

  • working with the client to develop a manuscript from initial concept, outline, or draft (or some combination of the three) through any number of subsequent drafts
  • making suggestions about content, organization, and presentation, based on analysis of competing works, comments of expert reviewers, the client’s market analysis, and other appropriate references
  • rewriting, writing, and researching, as needed, and sometimes suggesting topics or providing information about topics for consideration of authors and client

Grant Writing

Allow me to help you best communicate your project to funding organizations. I have applied for and been chosen for eight grants, fellowships and awards, and I will draw on that experience to help you achieve the same success. Contact me for an estimate.


Over the last decade, I have tutored individuals in a variety of topics related to reading, writing and research. Whether you or your child needs help with reading comprehension, reading speed, essay writing, SAT/ACT scores, or English as a foreign language, I am available for private sessions.

Contact me with inquiries:

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