Multicultural Literature

This multi-cultural literature course introduces students to the ethnic diversity of American literature. Readings include texts from a variety of cultural perspectives.

What to Expect: Through this course, you will improve your abilities to communicate effectively, think critically, and engage as global citizens. Plan to ask questions of and to read, analyze, and interpret literature through regular reading response posts and comments to the course blog. You will augment your knowledge of how literature is organized by culture and how it influences culture. You will produce a significant amount of writing such that the course fulfills the requirements of its WI designation. Expect to attend individual consultations with me about your writing, to participate in peer review and workshop of your and other students’ drafts, and to revise your work based on feedback from me and your peers. Overall, you will improve your ability to express ideas by organizing, developing, and supporting analytical argumentation in written formats within the conventions of academic writing.

Course Learning Objectives: Upon successful completion of English 257E, you should be able to do the following:

  • Apply basic concepts and terminology of fiction and literary analysis for the purpose of discussing and analyzing literature with understanding and appreciation
  • Write about literature with a clear and effective purpose, focus, organization, support, language, mechanics, and use of sources