Adjuncts, white collar workers, and confederate flag wavers (Week in Review)

  • The paltry pay and precarious life of the adjunct university professor adds up. See Russ Bergos’ description here. —
  • Unlike the US, Iceland jailed its bankers for white collar crime. Check out TruthDig’s description of the outcomes here. —
  • I’m still shocked whenever I see confederate flags and paraphernalia around Indiana. The recent racially motivated violence in South Carolina is a reminder of the cumulative power of symbols of hate. This petition tries to address this power. This article by Gina Athena Ulysse on mass deportations from DR to Haiti is another important commentary on racial marking and policies that enable hate. —
  • Look like a rice paddy? This is a cornfield in Indiana after days of rainstorms. #landoffloods —


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